• Autism at Kingwood’s Windrush House Shortlisted for Learning Disability and Autism Award

    We are proud to announce that Autism at Kingwood’s Windrush House has been shortlisted for the Learning Disability and Autism Great Autism Practice Award

    Learning Disabilities & Autism Awards 2020/2021

    Friday 29th October 2021 – ICC Birmingham

    Great Autism Practice Award

    We are incredibly proud of our Windrush service for its exceptional practice. As a charity, Autism at Kingwood advocates and embraces person centred support, and Windrush exemplifies this approach.

    The service was set up as a home for two women who were moving from a housing provider that they had been with for many years and the transition took place in July 2020, during the first peak of the Covid 19 pandemic. The Autism at Kingwood support team therefore had to act sensitively, but also in line with Covid-19 guidance to provide a relaxed and successful transition, ensuring the tenants of Windrush House really felt at home in their new house, with their new support team.

    The Windrush team worked closely alongside the current housing provider and an occupational therapist to ensure the house had everything needed to make the transition as safe as possible and was adequately adapted to individual needs, as well as with both the ladies who were moving in and their families.

    The house itself is technologically advanced, with fingerprint door locking throughout, enabling easy and safe access to the house, whilst maintaining individual privacy.

    The house has been set up to promote individual independence but also encourage a family atmosphere within the household. The supported people are closely involved in the choices of activities; Zumba and weekly pub lunches are the most popular activities, with staff joining in with the exercises to enable a sense of unity. Craft and pamper sessions are also regular activities.

    To ensure the people we support feel at home, not just in their house but also the community, the support team introduced them to the local businesses and are currently in the process, with the ladies permission and support, of inviting local neighbours’ round for tea and cake.


    Notes for editors:

    The National Learning Disabilities Awards celebrate excellence in the support for people with learning disabilities and aim to pay tribute to those individuals or organisation who excel in providing quality care. The National Learning Disabilities & Autism Awards offer a unique opportunity to celebrate the successes of individuals, teams and businesses throughout the UK – people who really do make a positive impact on people’s lives.

    The Great Autism Practice Award The overriding goal of good autism practice is to enhance quality of life for individuals, families and supporters by making reasonable adjustments or providing support developing strategies to increase happiness and wellbeing in people with autism. This award will be presented to a team or individual who demonstrate evidence of good practice in their services and support to people with autism.
    Autism at Kingwood provides caring supported living and outreach support, helping and enabling autistic people we support to live in their own homes and make their own choices about the lives they want to lead.

    The level of support we provide depends on the needs and wishes of the individual.  We have highly specialised teams who provide 24/7 support to people who need a high level of care. They may live with others or on their own. We also provide outreach support to people who are able to live independently, but who need a little bit of extra help.

    We are highly trained in supporting autistic adults with complex and challenging needs, and deliver two specialist ‘transition’ services, for young adults moving into a supported living house, and for adults who are moving out of long-term hospital care. Our work with Individual Service Funds, to help move people on from inappropriate long-term inpatient institutions and into their own homes, has been included in case studies used to become part of a national agenda informing other local CCG’s and local authorities.


    Abi Cowley

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