Specialist Transition Support

As a charity committed to supporting autistic people in challenging situations, we have become experts in the transition of peoples’ lives.

We deliver specialist transition support: for young adults transitioning to supported living, and for adults moving out of long-term hospital care.

A decade ago, we embarked on our purpose-built home ( the result of a research partnership with the Helen Hamlyn Centre, Royal College of Art and The University of Bangor), so that we could support young adults transitioning from a children’s setting. We’ve worked hard to enable ‘institutionalised’ young adults to gain confidence, learn life skills and make decisions about their lives, as they begin their journey into supported-living.

This successful house has supported young adults with challenging needs and some having experienced trauma before joining our house. A highly-skilled team deliver 24/7 support for 5 young adults who receive positive behaviour support, which has a positive effect on their independence, communication, confidence and well-being.  Living in the heart of the local community, residents are able to access a recreational activities including swimming, discos and watching football matches.

Institutional settings, such as hospitals, are not ideal places for autistic adults, and yet too many autistic people are long-term hospital in-patients. The NHS long-term plan identifies this and is committed to moving people out of hospital care and into the community, supporting local providers and organisations to provide multi-disciplinary person-centred care.

Given Autism at Kingwood’s experience and expertise, it is unsurprising that, in early 2020, we began to work with Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group to support autistic people making the transition from long term hospital and into the community.

Working with commissioners and professionals, we recruit a multi-disciplinary support team which truly reflect the needs and wishes of the person leaving hospital.

Wiltshire CCG have asked us to provide further work, designing bespoke support services to autistic adults across Wiltshire, which may range from a few hours per week through to 24/7 arrangements as required.

We are excited about providing this person-centred support to  autistic people who have spent considerable time in hospital care, enabling them to make their own choices that will enhance quality of life.

People supported by Autism at Kingwood and staff standing in front of a banner celebrating World Autism Awareness Day
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