Transforming Lives

Autism at Kingwood is committed to supporting autistic people in challenging situations and are experts in helping autistic people through transitions in their lives.

We deliver specialist transition support for people moving out of inappropriate inpatient hospital care, and for young adults transitioning from institutionalised children’s settings and into supported living.

Moving out of inappropriate inpatient hospital settings

Long-term inpatient settings are not appropriate places for autistic adults, yet too many autistic people are long-term hospital in-patients.  There is an estimated 2,000 adults with autism or learning disabilities in such settings, and over 100 are thought to have been ‘stuck’ for over 20 years.  Local authorities claim this happens because there are no social care providers able to support the individuals. However, this is not the case and Autism at Kingwood DOES provide this support.

Autism at Kingwood is rightly recognised as experts in providing support and finding solutions for complex and challenging situations. We work with a number of Clinical Commissioning Groups to support autistic people making the transition from these settings and into the community.

The successful transition of someone who has been in inappropriate long-term inpatient care to living in the community relies on a close partnership between the hospital setting, local providers and organisations to provide multi-disciplinary, person-centred care.

Working with commissioners and professionals, we recruit a multi-disciplinary support team which truly reflects the needs and wishes of the person leaving hospital.  Wherever appropriate, we foster a partnership with families, advocates and friends to gain the best outcome for the person who we are supporting. We design bespoke support services for the autistic adults we support, which may range from a few hours per week through to 24/7 arrangements as required.

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Transition Support for Young Adults

A decade ago, we embarked on our purpose-built home (the result of a research partnership with the Helen Hamlyn Centre, Royal College of Art and The University of Bangor), so that we could support young adults transitioning from a children’s setting. We’ve worked hard to enable young adults to gain confidence, learn life skills and make decisions about their lives, as they begin their journey into supported-living.

This successful house has supported young adults with challenging needs and some having experienced trauma before joining our house. A highly-skilled team deliver 24/7 support for 5 young adults who receive positive behaviour support, which has a positive effect on their independence, communication, confidence and well-being.  Living in the heart of the local community, residents are able to access a recreational activities including swimming, discos and watching football matches.

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