Supported Living

Autism at Kingwood is a provider of specialist services for autistic people and people with Asperger syndrome. Some of the people we support live in their own homes, some live with family members whilst others prefer to live in shared accommodation. Whichever option they choose our aim is the same, to help enable the people we support to make choices and live their lives to the full.

Given the right support, autistic people can live fulfilled and happy lives which enable them to reach their potential. This is achieved by listening to the wishes and aspirations of the individuals concerned then creating a personal support plan which includes skills for daily living, leading to a greater degree of independence and encouraging a broad range of interests. Some of the people we assist need a great deal of support, others less so, but in every situation the difference that’s made to the life of an individual can be substantial.

Autism at Kingwood works in partnership with the people we support, their families and commissioners to provide services which are specifically tailored to their personal wishes and choice of home.

Current supported living vacancies

Moving into your own home

We support people to move into their own homes. A first move can be exciting but also scary, so we make sure we get it right. Where people want to move out of their family home or a registered care home, but are not ready to move out straight away, we support them to gradually spend more time in their new homes until they feel comfortable about the move.

Living at home

We also support people who live at home with their families to pursue independent interests and activities according to their personal wishes.

Transition Service

We provide a specialist transition service for a small group of young adults, to support them in their transition from education to adult life.

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