Projects Seeking Funding

Dogs for Good

Autism at Kingwood has been working with Dogs for Good  for 8 Years, providing both practical and therapeutic for the people we support.

Examples of the project

LS used to be so afraid of dogs that she would not go to areas where they might be, Dogs for Good began a programme with LS to help her overcome her fear of dogs getting to the stage where she was able to walk one of the dogs. LS’s anxieties about dogs are greatly improved and this has enabled her to access more of the community than she used to.

GL worked with Dogs for Good for about 2 years, he had poor hygiene before the project but since working with Dogs for Good especially on the importance of grooming and looking after dogs his hygiene had greatly improved as he was able to transfer the skills he had learnt and apply that knowledge to himself. GL is one of many who has been able to transfer skills they learn with the dogs project, it might be healthy eating, crossing the road safely or just exercising by going out for a walk.  Autism at Kingwood have partnered with another care provider Style Acre and they are jointly funding the continued work with Dogs for Good. Autism at Kingwood would like more people we support to access the project and any donations received will go towards securing extra days with the project. Project details sheet here

Kingwood Activity Projects

For many years Autism at Kingwood has been organising and providing activities for the people we support, these have included Ice Skating sessions, Boat Trips, fortnightly clubs (Tuesday Club) and Parties for the people we support to celebrate. In addition to the activities that Autism at Kingwood arranged the people we support also accessed activities from other providers, this might be a day centre, sail-ability, horse riding for the disables or just going to the local monthly Mencap disco. These activities are often funded by the peoples we supports disability allowance and some might need extra support at these activities and so will have funding for an extra carer. Unfortunately for the people we support many of these extras have been cut by the local authority. Kingwood would like to create a programme of activities for the people we support. Activities might include yoga and meditation or walking, creating accessible gym sessions, and a series of arts and craft sessions. The activity programme is designed provide socialisation opportunities and they are meaningful to the people we support. The more donations we receive for the project will mean that we can provide more activities for the people we support. Project details sheet here

ASPirations Project

The ASPirations project provides support and signposting for people with high-funcitoning autism and Asperger Syndrome, living in Oxfordshire. Autism at Kingwood is looking for funding for ongoing funding to support the salary of a key specialist practitioner.  This successful project provides social groups, workshops on benefits and housing, and also one-2-one support. A primary objective is to help people supported to avoid mental health crisis’, which can happen to people with high-functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome, when there is no formal support network in place. Project details sheet here


Autism at Kingwood has run a horticulture project for people it supports since 2011.  With a site at Path Hill in Goring Heath and an allotment in Henley, people supported by Autism at Kingwood can enjoy therapeutic activity in a safe, quiet  place,  while gaining gardening skills and enjoying enjoy the fresh air.  Many people have completed gardening ASDAN qualifications.

The donations we receive will help fund equipment and plants for the projects as well as our experts time to help manage and plan the sites.

If you are interested in funding any of these projects please ring us on 0118 9310143.