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Sponsor a challenge

It isn’t too late to sponsor people we support at the transition centre, and our member of staff, Agueda, who are completing the virtual Everest challenge Any funds raised will be going towards accessing activities for people we support.

Sponsor the Transition centre

Sponsor Agueda

A holiday home and respite

A holiday home has been mooted many times amongst those close to Autism at Kingwood and there are many reasons why such a resource would be an  important and effective resource.

Most autistic adults do not have sufficient personal budget to afford a holiday, especially when the cost of funding their support whilst away is  considered.  This means that many people miss out on a holiday,  a break from routine and their housemates or families.

A holiday home would provide people we support with the opportunity to have an annual holiday, providing a sense of social participation.  We will also make the home available for families and our hardworking staff who may be in need of respite.

We are increasingly recognised as the charity that can support autistic people with highly challenging behaviours and we are committed to providing this vital support wherever we can. This inevitably means that we need to provide emergency crises support at times, and this home would be able to deliver this.

We are fundraising to purchase a static mobile home currently available in the  peaceful setting of Hardwick Parks, near Witney in rural Oxfordshire.  Please help us make this a reality;  click this link, to make a donation.

Garden Coordinator

We are delighted to announce that we have received 3 year funding to employ a Garden Coordinator, based at our large allotment in Henley-on-Thames.  We have recruited an expert in the field, who will start to plan the space around the wishes of those who would like to attend, learn skills and grow produce.

Our allotment is a safe space where autistic people can enjoy therapeutic activity in a quiet place, while gaining gardening skills and enjoying enjoy the fresh air.

We are most grateful to the Rotary Club of Henley-on-Thames for funding a poly-tunnel and building equipment. The Anthony (Tony) Lane Foundation has made a pledged to support the project with gardening equipment.

Many adults with autism have little or no budget to access activities, which can lead to isolation and loneliness, especially if they are living independently. People are also also often affected by sensory overload, which can cause distress to the autistic individual.  Our allotment is a place where autistic children and adults can just ‘be’, providing focus on a range of activities and encouraging more people with autism to enjoy gardening. Gardening is an established form of therapy to improve the health, well-being and inclusion of vulnerable people, with numerous benefits and opportunities.

Working with Dogs

Three year funding from The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has enabled Autism at Kingwood to collaborate with animal assisted intervention charity Dogs for Good, to help a small number of autistic adults to reach some personal goals.

By working together and sharing knowledge and expertise, the two charities have identified an innovative way, using Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) techniques, to help individuals overcome specific challenges and develop life skills.  Read more here.

Kate Allen, our Chief Executive spoke to BBC Radio about the benefits of this important collaboration – click here to listen.

Skills and Work Manager

We will start fundraising for a salary to employ a manager who can help people we support to develop skills – perhaps gaining recognised qualifications. The post-holder will also seek work experience, volunteering opportunities and paid work for people we support.

Just 16% of autistic people of working age have full-time work – and this hasn’t improved in a decade. Not all autistic people are able to work, but, with understanding from their employer and colleagues, and reasonable adjustments to the interview process and workplace, many autistic people can be a real asset to businesses.

Activities programme

Autism at Kingwood delivers recreational and developmental activities for the people we support. These include ice skating, theatre trips, social clubs, boat trips and parties. We also support people to access activities organised by other providers, such as frequenting a day centre, sailing, horse-riding, meditation, going to the gym or monthly discos.

Often, people we support need a little  extra financial support to enable them to participate and we seek funding to help us provide assistance, so that people can participate in community activities and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Please click here to make a donation.

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