Projects Seeking Funding

A holiday/respite home for autistic adults


Autism at Kingwood has run a horticulture project for people it supports since 2011.  With a site at Path Hill in Goring Heath and an allotment in Henley, people supported by Autism at Kingwood can enjoy therapeutic activity in a safe, quiet  place,  while gaining gardening skills and enjoying enjoy the fresh air.  Many people have completed gardening ASDAN qualifications.

The donations we receive help fund equipment and plants for the projects as well as our experts time to help manage and plan the sites.

Autism at Kingwood Activities

For many years Autism at Kingwood has been organising and providing activities for the people we support. These have included ice skating, theatre trips, social clubs, boat trips and parties. We also support people to access activities organised by other providers, such as a day centre, sailing, horse riding, meditation, going to the gym, or monthly discos. Often, people we support need a little  extra financial support to enable them to participate and we seek funding to help us provide assistance so that people can participate in community activities and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Dogs for Good

Autism at Kingwood has been working with Dogs for Good for many years. Using the techniques of Animal  Assisted Intervention, Dogs for Good has successfully worked with a number of autistic people to help them reach their personal goals.  We are delighted that the Kennel Club, has continued to  fund our collaborative programme.


Historically, we have successfully fundraised for important research around autism. Find out more here.