• Seeking support for a fencing project for one of the people we support

    We are seeking support for a fencing project we are trying to get off the ground for one of the people we support.

    “N” is an autistic adult in his 50’s who lives in Newbury and has SID ( sensory integration disorder) which means he cannot cope with certain sensory input that most people may not even notice, particularly sounds. N’s current problem is that after he moved into the perfect house with a lovely little garden his neighbour bought a dog. As it’s only a hedge with gaps to separate N’s garden from his neighbour’s every time he goes into his garden the dog barks as it can see him. N can’t cope with this and is now unable to use his garden.

    We are hoping to erect him a solid fence so the dog won’t be able to see N in his garden and stop barking when he goes out there. N is a fantastic person who despite having to deal with many difficulties continues to help others by using his time for charitable causes.

    N doesn’t have the means to financially obtain what he needs to erect the fence and misses going into his garden, this is affecting his mental health and wellbeing.

    We are looking for donations of:

    5 X 6 by 6 ft fence panels.

    7 X 4 by 4inch 8ft wooden posts.

    15 X bags of ballest sand

    5 X bags of cement

    Appropriate screws and fixings.

    If you could help with anything from the above list it would help to make a real difference to N’s life and help him to enjoy his garden once more.

    If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact Adam.Lee@kingwood.org.uk

    Abi Cowley

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