• Oxfordshire Adult Autism Diagnostic Support Service – OAADDS

    Autism at Kingwood are proud to deliver the Oxfordshire Adult Autism Diagnostic & Support Service (OAADSS), commissioned by the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS Oxfordshire).

    Since the launch in July 2018, OAADSS has received 1049 referrals from people living in Oxfordshire, either self-referral or via GPs. Of these, 406 people have already received a diagnostic assessment.

    In addition to diagnosis, OAADSS has responded to 551 enquiries for advice and guidance and delivered 18 skills workshops to 193 people.

    The OAADDS workshops cover topics including understanding autism, social communication, sensory challenges, mental health and wellbeing, moving on after diagnosis, what’s next, budgeting, emotional resilience and executive functioning.

    We have received really positive feedback on the experience of seeking support and diagnosis through OAADSS:

    “It was helpful being able to talk about my diagnosis/autism journey with someone that understands autism. The advice and resources I was given to use to help when I get stressed and anxious.”

    “I attended the assessment with my daughter and wanted to share our appreciation and thanks. Everything was well organised, a warm welcome and a calm tidy area to wait. My daughter was immediately put at ease, when asked her if she wanted the lights turned off (the clinician had immediately noticed her reaction to bright lights.) This made my daughter feel more comfortable and understood and much more open to taking part and being herself. Both Clinicians treated her with respect, listened to her and got her to express her thoughts and opinions.”

    Both the statistics and feedback we have received highlight the success of OAADDS and the service has continued to run throughout lock-down using online platforms. To find out more about OAADDS, please visit http://oaadss.org.uk/

    Abi Cowley

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