• Kate: moving from pandemic responsiveness to planning for the future

    Kate Allen Chief Executive

    Although I’m not a huge football fan, I do pull out the England t-shirt for significant matches and this week’s win was certainly one of those! It is so powerful when people unite for a common cause. The win saw a diversity of fans join together in celebration with no thought for the differences that so often divide people. If only that could be the case more often!

    Another good week with no Covid cases amongst our staff, although personally and professionally I am noticing there are more cases of self-isolation amongst people I know. This week saw the first face to face Trustee meeting in over 12 months, with each attendee undertaking a lateral flow test the day before as an extra safety measure. The meeting wasn’t just a Board meeting but followed with a review of the charity’s strategic purpose and plans. With the last year having to be reactive and responsive to the pandemic, now we can take stock of where we are, and begin to plan again for the future. There was considerable energy in the room as we explored the different ways we could contribute to happy, meaningful lives for autistic people, whilst also remaining focused on our priority which is the provision of support.

    Finally, as much as we like things to stay the same, change is inevitable and it was a sad week also as we said goodbye to Eleri Booth, our Autism Practice Manager. Eleri has been with the charity for a number of years, starting as an Area Manager in Wallingford; she is very well known and liked by colleagues and people we support. I wish Eleri all the best as her career progresses.

    Best wishes.


    Abi Cowley

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