• Kate Allen, CEO Update 3rd July 2020


    So what is ‘super’ about this Saturday?

    When I first heard the expression I didn’t know what it meant. When I found out, I still didn’t really understand!

    Whilst it is wonderful news that the country is easing lockdown measures which will allow people to begin a gradual process of coming back together socially, (especially good news for those who live alone and have been isolated from society) there is nothing ‘super’ about the potential for the transmission rates to increase if we treat this as a countdown to carnival day!

    Government guidance has not changed and as responsible citizens we should be maintaining social distancing, staying at home as much as possible, washing hands frequently and avoiding public transport. The low infection rate amongst staff and people we support gives me great satisfaction and pride. I appreciate all that we have achieved so far and ask that we continue the good work. Let’s not let fail now.

    On that note I am relieved to be able to share that once again we have had another week with no new infections for either staff or people we support. I was unfortunate to be advised to take a test myself this week. Booked and completed within 24 hours, the whole process took less than 45 minutes from arrival to departure and the results returned the following day: negative. The process has provided me with further confidence that with testing processes as efficient as this, we can track and contain transmission.

    This week would have seen our annual celebration and AGM, an event enjoyed by so many. I remain hopeful for an event later in the year, although in what format we do not know at this stage, but we will let you know as the year progresses.

    I began the weekly updates to share our position about Covid-19 and to ensure we were totally transparent about our approach, response and how it was affecting us. Whilst the coronavirus situation has become a steady state, feedback is that an update is welcomed and so we will continue to share our news regularly with the focus extending beyond coronavirus and sharing information on new projects and members of the team.

    I was reminded this week that one of our strengths at Autism at Kingwood is how we genuinely value our employees and how we demonstrate kindness. Working under pressure in response to new challenges can sometimes distract us from taking the time to express our appreciation directly to people for the everyday tasks. Whilst remote working has created new opportunities to see colleagues more often with no need for travel, and distance and time no longer a factor, it also takes away those smaller social interactions where we can share our appreciation. It is understandable that some people are feeling unsettled with what lies ahead, but you can be assured that at Autism at Kingwood, we will always get through it and come out stronger, together.

    Kate Allen, CEO


    Abi Cowley

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