• Kate Allen, CEO Update 24th July 2020


    I would like to extend my thanks to the parents and relatives who were able to join us for the online family meeting this week. It was nice to have the opportunity to talk directly with you and the approach enabled us to meet with relatives from all over the world. I can say with confidence that we will seek to continue this format for some of the engagement opportunities throughout the year ahead.

    One subject raised was that around family visits. We are keen to help co-ordinate family visits and will work with relatives to explore how that can be achieved as safely as possible for everyone. Please do talk with the local manager and we will do our best to bring families back together.

    New guidance was released this week about the wearing of facemasks, aprons and gloves when providing support to people in their own homes. The key difference was the extension that all staff visiting must also wear a mask in communal spaces, including (for example) a manager visiting and maintaining a suitable social distance. We have updated our internal guidance accordingly and distributed.

    The recent recommendations about facemasks to general public and new guidance for workplaces are all steps intended to minimise the transmission risk. We have been considerate throughout of the risks presented to both employees and people we support and have paid close attention to guidance. Interestingly, a recent (but relatively small) study of 3,000 domiciliary workers found that the average infection rate was the same as for the general population. The research project reached volunteers from 62 providers across the country and found that unlike Health Care and Care Home workers there was not a higher prevalence amongst domiciliary workers; reassuring research for everyone.

    And continuing the good news, our transmission rates remained stable this week with no new cases amongst people we support or employees.  Long may that continue, as I am very much aware that whilst numbers have declined across the country, many families are still losing those precious to them and each loss is not a number.

    Best wishes.


    Kate Allen, CEO


    Abi Cowley

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