• Kate Allen, CEO, talks about the importance of the country wide census

    Kate Allen Chief Executive


    It was 10 years ago we last completed the country wide census and it is upon us again on 21st March. The census is a survey that happens every 10 years to capture a snapshot of all the people and their households across the country and has been operating now for more than 200 years. The information gathered is critical to the planning of services such as healthcare, education and travel, and the last set of data was relied upon heavily during the Covid pandemic. It is good timing to be doing it again as the country makes its recovery from the pandemic.

    Many people may not realise that completing the census is not optional. It must be completed by law and if a household does not complete the census an ONS (Office of National Statistics) representative will knock at your door to follow up.

    People can complete the census on the day or in advance if they answer as if it is 21 March. If they need help, they can:

    Where Autism at Kingwood is supporting someone who cannot complete the census themselves, we will support and assist them to do as much as possible; we may ask a family member for help or where necessary complete it for them.

    There is a more information here about helping others complete the census:


    There are many indicators that life after Covid is within sight as more lockdown easing measures take place across the Thames Valley, and it is reassuring to see vaccination numbers increase amongst people we support, our staff and the wider public. I urge everyone who is invited for a vaccine to have one. I have had my first and I’m eagerly awaiting the second. For some people there remains some anxiety about the vaccination, however the guidance is clear, the risks of not having the vaccination and getting Covid-19 are far greater than any risk the vaccination could bring. If you are still questioning whether to get the jab this short video may help with myth-busting fears.

    We really appreciate the efforts of all employees who have taken that extra step to get vaccinated. In addition to continuing to follow PPE guidelines, getting the vaccination is the biggest and most important action we can all take to protect ourselves, people we work with and people we care about. As a thank you, every frontline employee who has had their first vaccination by 15th April will be receiving a £50 Amazon Voucher. More information on that will be shared internally.

    And finally, continued good news that there have been no new cases of Covid-19 amongst people we support or staff in the last week.  I take great pride in the actions of everyone at Kingwood in achieving such low transmission rates, sadly I know from discussions with colleagues across social care that many others have not been so fortunate. It is not luck that is protecting us from Covid, it is our/your actions.

    Best wishes

    Kate , CEO.

    Abi Cowley

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