• Horticulture and DIY at the Henley Project – June 2021

    An image of Adam, Autism at Kingwood Gardening Coordinator


    We have had a fantastic month here at The Henley project. The site has been buzzing in more ways than one! TMC built a bug hotel earlier in the year and some solitary bumblebees have checked in and seem quite keen on staying put. These bees have been doing a great job pollinating our crops. The site has been buzzing with human activity too! Everyone has been working really hard to keep the site looking good and their efforts are really paying off. With the warm weather we’ve had this month followed by lots of rain, our crops have come on really well and produce is coming thick and fast now. Our broad beans have been producing well and we are harvesting them almost daily.

    Monty Don (my personal hero) suggested that we are two weeks behind in the season. So we let our garlic crop stay in the ground a little longer than the traditional harvest day which is the summer solstice. We had a fantastic crop which is now drying out (and stinking out) in the shed. Our tomatoes continue to do well and have now set their first fruits which is great. Cucumbers and some runner beans are being a bit sluggish but I’m sure they’ll catch up. We have a new volunteer due to start soon who is keen to expand his growing knowledge and work alongside the Kingwood staff, I’m sure he’ll be a great asset to the project.  We had a lovely visit from our Chief Operating Officer & Acting Regional Director Estelle Christmas. It was wonderful to have Estelle see what we’ve been up to and the flapjacks went down a treat!

    Our toddler group came back this month and the kids were keen to do activities. We kept to the same structure as their previous visit but this time we did a little team project to create a new salad bed.

    The sunflowers are making great progress and while K is currently still in the lead many others are on her tail. It’s anyone’s game at this point.

    I have been to visit one of our services in Abingdon to help plan a full garden makeover. This is a large project but achievable. I have done some rough costing and provided a sketch of what the garden might look like. Fundraising will begin shortly and hopefully works will commence soon. We are still trying to provide materials for another service in Newbury where a new fence is needed. Our fundraising team will make an appeal soon for this.

    I would like to give my personal thanks this month to our wonderful Support Workers who not only provide excellent support but very often go above and beyond to support the project. They are always willing to get stuck in with tasks and their contributions are truly invaluable, THANK YOU!



    Abi Cowley

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