• Our holiday home is fully funded!

    What a positive and well-deserved end to 2020!

    We are delighted to announce that the generosity of individuals, companies and charitable foundations means that we will be able to buy our mobile holiday home at Hardwicks Park, near Witney in Oxfordshire in January.  We have a few things to do once we have bought it, including getting a path and parking space installed, as well as decking all around the home.  So long as Covid restrictions are lifted, we plan to welcome our first holiday makers in the spring.

    Many autistic adults do not have sufficient personal budget to afford a holiday, especially when the cost of funding their support whilst away is  considered. This means that many people miss out. Our home will enable people we support to have an affordable holiday or short break. The home will also be available for families and our hardworking staff.

    We would like to thank our donors who have made this possible: Adrian & Tracie Palfryman, C Bailey, Graham & Emily Storey, Sandy Meadows, Philippa Stannard, Steve Bastiman-Davies, Jim Vincent, Julia  & Jules Jones, Diane Stephens, Debra Williams, Jordan Morrison, Gavin Miles, Marjorie Harris, Moira Baumbach, Margaret Cobb, B Nelson, John Morea, Laura, Ben Mills, Alan & Liz Jones, Alexandrine Kantor, Frances Whalley, Alison Lees, Tony & Sue Woodman, Keith & Morag Malvern, Caroline Dunstan, Tracy Dunleavy, Andrea Alvrez, Ed Temporal Hughes, John Finney, Baily Thomas Charitable Fund, Shanly Foundation, Bartlett Taylor Charitable Trust, Christopher Laing Foundation, PF Charitable Trust, Ammco Trust, Adrian Swire Charitable Trust, Mr & Mrs J A Pye’s Charitable Settlement, Doris Field Charitable Trust


    Philippa Stannard

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