• Gardening and Activities Update June 2022

    Hello Everyone,


    We are now already in the second half of June and we had some pretty hot days.

    We were making sure that the plants on the allotment have enough water and in consequence everything has grown pretty well.

    We have really big lettuce heads ready to be harvested, plenty of rhubarb looking to become a delicious crumble or some other form of pudding and some great big broad beans.

    Our tomatoes have made good progress and stand tall in the poly tunnel, bearing first green tomatoes. The courgettes are in flower and the runner beans keep climbing up the poles. We actually have pulled our first carrots and the parsnip and beetroot are also getting fatter.

    Next up will be new potatoes that we are going to harvest at the end of this month and planting out squash and pumpkin for the harvest in autumn.

    There are two events that are scheduled to take place at the Henley allotment:

    • Outdoor Cooking with a Dutch Oven on Friday the 1st of July at 11am
    • Sunflower & clay pot art and craft at the allotment on the 7th of July at 11am

    There are still spaces available for both sessions and I am hoping to see a few new faces.

    It might be worth mentioning that the Jubilee Crown making on the last day of May and the 1st day of June was the best visited so far. Thank you to everyone who came along and I hope you had a good time celebrating.

    There are two Outings planned in the beginning of July

    • On Sunday the 3rd of July we have invited to a Dog&Country Show in Amersham
    • On the 8th July we have scheduled the postponed visit to Beale Park

    Furthermore I am hoping that some people would like to get out for a round of Metal Detecting with our newly purchased equipment.

    I was also able to visit the Rising Sun Arts Centre in Reading and it appears that they have got still spaces in a drama club available, that takes place on Tuesday afternoons.

    That would be it from me for today.

    Please come along to the allotment and see for yourselves what is going on there and contact me if you are interested in any of the activities.

    Thank you

    Best Regards

    Renee Zgorzynski


    Abi Cowley

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