• Gardening and Activities May Update

    A before picture of Nik's garden

    An after picture of Nik's garden

    Dear All,

    Another month has passed, and we have managed to do a lot of work at the allotment. The weather was perfect with periods of rain and sunshine and everything is growing lovely, including the weeds.

    The poly-tunnel is now filled up with tomatoes and the courgettes and beans have gone out as we are not expecting any more frost.

    We have also planted many more herb seeds and we had already a good harvest of radish. The beetroot and the parsnips are growing strong and we have tons of rhubarb.

    This month we were also joined by a new gardener. Chris has taken over a raised bed and has already filled it with plants and seeds of the season.

    We are continuing to extend our plot and have now another raised bed that we will use for courgette or squash plants.

    The weather is continuing to improve every day and we are really hoping that more people will join us in Henley on the plot.

    It is really a great place to enjoy yourself, to get busy or to just relax.

    We were also giving one of the front gardens of the people we support a makeover. Nik and me were working on this little project for a good few hours. Nik is very pleased with the result and we are planning to do some more work in his back garden.

    On the Activity Side: We had a great candle making workshop, the results were very nice. Unfortunately only three people were attending altogether.

    The work shop was offered in Reading and Didcot.

    It would be really good if more people would use these opportunities to get creative and join us.

    There is another work shop coming up in relation to the Platinum Jubilee. We are planning to make cardboard crowns. It will take place on the 31st in Didcot and on the 1st in Reading, both starting at 1pm.

    We have also purchased some interesting equipment which can be used for outdoor activities.

    There are now two metal detectors, a number of litter picking tools and binoculars.

    If you are interested in using these for an activity please contact me and we can arrange a session or just the possibility to use the equipment.

    I also have sent out an invitation to the RHS Flower Show in September in Wisley, it would be great if people let me know if they are interested, so we can plan in advance.

    Furthermore there is an invitation to a Dog and Country Show in Beaconsfield on the 3rd of July and of course the scheduled Beale Park visit on the 17th of June.

    Please let me know of your interest for any of these events.

    So far the news for May and upcoming events.

    Looking forward to hearing from you or meeting you in places.


    Best Regards

    Renee Zgorzynski


    Abi Cowley

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