• Join us for our virtual Everest Base Camp Challenge, 29 March – 29 April

    We invite you to join us for a virtual 110km fundraising challenge!

    Whether you want to run or walk, we will bring to you the sights of the famous base camp trek in the spectacular Himalaya mountain range, in Nepal – but without the thermal layers!

    The challenge starts on 29 March, the first day when we can meet up to 6 people,  so a great day for trekking with family or friends! It is also the start of World Autism Awareness Week – and so this is an opportunity to raise awareness about our work.

    If we were in Nepal, this 10 day trek would start from the village of Luklaafter an ‘exciting’ 25 minute flight from Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. We will then virtually follow the famous Everest Base Camp trail. While some of you might want to stick to the 10 day hiking itinerary, we have a month to complete the challenge – it is YOUR challenge!

    Lukla is at an altitude of 2,840m, so we would already be on higher ground than Ben Nevis, Britain’s tallest mountain (at 1,345m).  We will have to imagine stopping for meals and staying overnight in traditional lodges, along the trail, and also the many yaks that we’d encounter along the way! When we reach Everest Base Camp we will be 5,364 metres!

    Sounds good so far? So, to get started…

    The Everest Base Camp Trail

    How will the fundraised money be spent?

    Outdoor activities and hobbies are great for well-being and we want to buy a equipment – such as metal detectors and binoculars, and fund activities that will bring people we support close to the natural world.  The Outdoors Project provides opportunities for autistic adults, including horticulture, outdoor woodworking, metal detecting, visits and the study of nature.






    Philippa Stannard

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