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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called coronavirus. Because this illness is now affecting people in the UK it is in the news a lot and a lot of people are talking about it. It is called a pandemic because a lot of countries in the world have people sick from coronavirus at the same time.

On this page we are pulling together resources to help explain what the coronavirus is and how best to keep yourself and those around you safe and healthy.

Two short makaton videos about staying at home and the importance of handwashing

Autism at Kingwood Area Manager, Sarah, has put together a short makaton video explaining when people can go out and why they need to stay at home, as well as the importance of handwashing.

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A drawing of the spikey coronavirus, saying 'everyone gets sick sometimes'

Download a social story about coronavirus

A social story to help explain what coronavirus (COVID-19) is, how people can try and avoid getting and passing on the virus, and how the virus may effect daily routines.


An image with information explaining the COVID-19 coronavirus

Download an easy read guide to coronavirus

This easy read guide has been produced by Mencap and will be updated as advice from the government changes.  It explains what coronavirus is, how to try and stop it spreading and what to do if you or someone you live with is ill. To access Mencap’s latest updates you can visit their page



A drawing of the spikey coronavirus smiling, saying 'Hello, I am a virus'

Download ‘I am a virus’ interactive worksheet

This worksheet is aimed at helping children and people with additional learning needs to process their feelings about Coronavirus.

The WHO explains how coronavirus can be passed between people

A short an informative communication from the World Health Organisation on how coronavirus (COVID-19) can be passed between people and how to protect yourself from coronavirus.

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An image showing the NHS handwashing technique

Download a printable guide to handwashing and hand-rubbing

This visual guide to handwashing has been produced by the NHS to show the steps to correctly clean your hands.

The WHO guidance to handwashing

Watch a video that shows the correct method for handwashing.

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The WHO video of the handrubbing method

This video shows clearly how and when to use the handrubbing method to clean your hands.

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Mind logo

Coronavirus and your wellbeing

Mind has put together some guidelines on protecting your mental health, whilst dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Headspace logo

Free HEADSPACE  mindfullness collection

Headspace has put together a free mindfulness collection called Weathering the storm. It includes meditations, sleep, and movement exercises to help you out, however you’re feeling.

We will continue to add to this page as new resources are found. If you have any useful resources you would like to share, please email

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