• Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) Autism at Kingwood update

    From Kate Allen, Chief Executive

    Autism at Kingwood has been closely monitoring the position around the outbreak and spread of the Covid-19 Corona Virus. We are adhering to government guidance and the published coronavirus action plan that sets out what the health and social care system should do across the UK www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-action-plan

    Prior to the virus outbreak in the UK, Kingwood had already created and distributed its own preparation plan to all managers across the organisation with guidance on how we will respond should the virus have an impact on the people we support and/or our staff teams. Any response would be similar to that where accessibility of staff is problematic i.e. during adverse weather or emergencies. Our response might include asking available staff to work longer shifts; explore where support hours could be shared and as a last resort we would review the activity plans of people we are supporting and we might ask for relatives for help.

    We are collating information on both people we support and employees who may be at higher risk of adverse effect should they contract the virus and we will ensure plans are in place to support all parties as best as is possible.

    As a diligent support provider Kingwood is always vigilant around infection control and has thorough policies and procedures. We have clear practical guidelines in place that are reinforced during training. We have also been issuing sensible advice on hand washing since the outbreak in January, alongside the provision of both portable hand sanitiser gels and wall mounted products in offices. Unfortunately as stock levels decline this will become harder however, soap and water is as effective.

    I would like to assure you that the health and well-being of people we support and our employees is of paramount importance and if you have any concerns please speak with either the respective Regional Director or Area Manager as they will be able to provide a personalised response on how it may be affecting you or your relative. For any general queries please contact Lynn Longland, Head of HR, Estelle Christmas, Chief Operating Officer, Tapiwa Moyo, Regional Director for Oxfordshire, Karen Skoglund, Regional Director for Bucks and Berks, or Kate Allen, CEO.

    Update 19/03/2020:

    In addendum to the above:

    We would like to inform you that we have initiated our business continuity plan successfully so that infrastructure staff can work remotely to support our front line staff. Recognising that ensuring people are paid correctly remains critically important, as does our business as usual with recruitment campaigns ongoing to increase resilience in the teams.

    We have moved most training to e-learning to minimise social contact as per government advice, however critical training such as that around working directly with people in difficult situations will remain face-to-face with additional enhanced infection control measures to protect attendees.

    To ensure that our teams can continue to stay fully informed and in touch with each other we have created additional methods for employees to remain in contact with each and their managers through mobile devices.

    Kate Allen, CEO

    We have put together a page with information and support resources you might find useful during this time. Click here to access.


    Abi Cowley

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