• CEO Update 9th October 2020


    This week saw a number of Covid-19 test results come back with all clear results for both people we support and employees. Whilst we know this is unlikely to continue as the transmission rate and R number increase, every week I am grateful to staff and families for their sensible actions using PPE, keeping up good hand hygiene and following government guidance on gathering numbers. I would also like to take the opportunity to remind everyone who hasn’t yet made time to get the flu jab to try and book one in. Immunising yourself against the flu will help minimise the pressure on frontline colleagues in the NHS, better enabling them to respond to Covid-19 and in turn helping them to care for our friends and families.

    Earlier this year we saw a huge movement in people coming together to help one another. Recognising this, the Government commissioned an investigation into how we might maintain that community spirit. Last week the outcome report was published on ‘Levelling Up Communities’, which proposed a new social covenant. It is a hard hitting report, highlighting the rising unemployment rates, growing isolation amongst some of the most vulnerable groups in society and suggesting an overall 24% loss of income for charities (Charity Finance Group); but it is also uplifting in its recommendations for the future, from establishing a Community Recovery Fund, to suggesting a Neighbour Day Bank Holiday. There is no doubt that whilst this year has been hard, very hard, we can bemoan the hardship, or we can use the situation to instigate change.

    We are going to do our bit to instigate change starting first with a campaign for #Betterpay4socialcare. This campaign will officially launch on Tuesday 13th October, but we would like to ask you to lend your support before this date by adding your names to our petition, calling on Government to ensure social care workers are paid a minimum of the Real Living Wage of £9.30 per hour (£10.75 in London).


    Finally, the Government has announced a further Infection Control Payment, to aid social care organisations to maintain safer working practices and support self-isolation. We are waiting to hear if we will be fortunate enough to receive that payment and then we can consider how best to pass the benefits onto our workforce.

    Best wishes.


    Abi Cowley

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