• CEO Update 7th January 2021


    I start this week’s update with good news. The vaccine is becoming increasingly more available for our staff. All those working in Berkshire have access to book themselves an appointment directly and those in Oxfordshire are being approached in a variety of ways; both directly through their GP and through services.  We hope to hear soon about the other areas we provide support across Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

    This is particularly good timing as the transmission rates are scarily high. Yesterday’s statistics showed the second highest rate since the pandemic started, with 1,162 people dying in a single day as a result of Covid-19. Each one of those 1,162 people would have had a family who right now are devastated with grief. So we must continue to take responsible action and protect each other.

    Approximately 1.5 million people across the UK have already taken the vaccine and I want to encourage everyone who has the opportunity or invitation to be vaccinated to take it. I would like to thank all of the staff who have already organised their vaccination – there has been a good uptake, but I am mindful that we all need to do it for it to be effective. A 5 minute appointment might just save your life and save your families from the pain of losing someone they love. But until then, effective, proper use of PPE will protect employees and people we support. Facemasks, gloves, aprons and protective eyewear is available to every employee and must be worn. Failure to use PPE will increase transmission and will not, cannot, be tolerated.

    I was thrilled to hear that the three people in the Oxfordshire household are almost recovered and well. Likewise I was further pleased to hear that the employee who had been hospitalised over Christmas is now home and recovering.

    Unfortunately this week 2 people we support and 5 employees have tested positive and we wish them a speedy recovery.

    With more positive news this week, we have appointed our new Chief Financial Officer. We are very pleased to welcome David Marett to the Kingwood team, who brings with him considerable experience as a Finance Director across a range of organisations, charities included.

    As we have grown as an organisation we now have almost 300 employees, too many for me to keep in touch with directly, but throughout this pandemic I have been aware of every person we support and employee who has shown symptoms, tested positive or been unwell with Covid and I want to let each person know they are important.



    Abi Cowley

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