• CEO Update 7th August 2020


    Different but not defeated.

    There is no doubt that doing things differently takes an open mind and a determination to find a solution. It can be all too easy to put things in the ‘too difficult’ pile. Many of us have already found a new routine and we don’t know what to do next. We want to socialise with friends and family whom we haven’t seen, but we need teasing out of our safe space with the discount meal options and reassurance of safety measures.

    Despite an increase in people coming together we have had another week of good news with no new cases amongst staff or people we support.

    Shielding has finished for most Kingwood employees and whilst some are still isolating, most are coming back into the workplace. Our offices will never be the same as we change our approach to embrace a split of regular home working alongside days in the office to reduce transmission risk in addition to providing more flexibility and a better home/work balance for our employees. Not to mention this creates a positive contribution to wildlife and environment by reducing our carbon footprint with less traffic on our roads.

    A new challenge has been how to provide a safe, comfortable space to train our employees where in-person demonstration is essential. We did just that recently, as Mike Hill and Trixie Harrison facilitated our first face to face PROACT-SCIPr training since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The training was with a team who provide support for two young men, with complex needs, in Oxfordshire.  With content tailored for those individuals, we took measures to ensure guidelines were adhered to in respect of Covid-19, including lay out of the room, sanitising materials used and ensure PPE equipment was available.  As always, we can never achieve what we do on our own so we give a big thank-you to Jim at the Baptist House Offices who ensured we could support social distancing and minimising the risk of transmission. All of the delegates were successfully assessed regarding the physical Interventions taught and passed their tests at the end of the training.

    This week also saw our first post-lockdown event. Celebrating the appointment of our gardening coordinator at the Henley Allotment, a small, socially-distanced group watched, as Patron Jeremy Irons cut the all important ribbon, with Kingwood’s founder Dame Stephanie Shirley in attendance cheering us on. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to be outdoors with others for a good cause. We have some wonderful photos on our Facebook page and in our latest news section on our website.

    Which all goes to prove that whilst life is different right now, and will be for time yet, we can and will adjust; and life goes on.

    Kate Allen, CEO

    Abi Cowley

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