• CEO Update 6th November 2020


    As we entered the second lockdown this week, we did so better aware of what is ahead of us for the next month and with the focus on a reopening date of the 2nd December. There is no doubt that for many the restrictions on going out, alongside changes in societal behaviour and routines, are confusing and anxiety provoking. However, for a lot of autistic people the blanket lockdown is a relief: a relief that the demands placed on them to engage with others have, albeit it temporarily, been lifted. There is much debate about the balance of economy versus the protection of health but, whatever our personal beliefs, a lockdown is in place. It is just for a few weeks and we must abide by it. Given the horrors that many people experience in life we can surely cope with a few weeks of not going out for dinner, drinks or shopping.

    Protecting ourselves and each other is the priority right now as, worryingly, numbers of those infected with Covid 19 increase and sadly with it the number of people dying also.

    The update of people getting vaccinated from flu has been encouraging, although frustratingly vaccine demand in some areas exceeded stock levels and vaccinations stopped. That has been remedied now and if you have not yet had a vaccine please do book online as most pharmacies are again taking bookings.

    This week we have 1 employee who continues to recover from the virus and no cases amongst people we support.

    Understandably there is anxiety amongst employees, people we support and relatives as the rates increase. Please be reassured that with the right PPE in place, the risk of transmission is significantly reduced. The masks we have issued are fluid repellent and provide 98% filtration from bacteria. With good hand hygiene and disposal gloves and aprons as required, we can, and are, protecting those we come into contact with where social distancing cannot be maintained.

    And proving that lockdown can bring positive opportunities, Dame Stephanie Shirley, Autism at Kingwood’s patron, will soon be releasing a book of her favourite speeches that was created earlier this year. The book is available on her website for pre-ordering with the income generating donations for Autistica, a sister charity.


    Dame Stephanie, Steve, is an incredible inspiration and example of how it is possible to overcome adversity and make a difference to the lives of so many.

    I know lockdown is inconvenient, frustrating and questioned by many, but as we proved earlier this year, it is survivable and it helps to reduce transmission risk and therefore serious illness from this virus that persists in attacking those we love.



    Abi Cowley

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