• CEO Update 24th December 2020

    Isn’t it interesting how many neurotypicals struggle to cope with last minute changes to our plans and routines? A small insight to the vast challenges some autistic people have to cope with every day.

    When the government had to issue new guidance for the Christmas period at short notice last week it was distressing and disappointing news for many. There is no denying it is sad that many people won’t be able to visit their families over Christmas as planned, but if we take sensible precautions now, for just one Christmas, we are protecting each other and the future for many more to come.

    As Hampshire and Oxfordshire move into Tier 4 on Boxing Day, Autism at Kingwood is providing services across services in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire already in Tier 4. As a care provider exemptions are allowed for employees to move between tiers for essential purposes only, but we are trying hard to reduce instances of staff moving between areas and the homes of people we support wherever possible: for the safety of our employees as well as people we support.

    This last week has seen no new cases of Covid-19 amongst people we support and 3 amongst staff.  I wish them a speedy recovery.

    Whatever your circumstances, I do hope you enjoy Christmas, you remain well and can take hope that next year has to be better….

    My best wishes to you and your families.



    Philippa Stannard

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