• CEO Update 20th  November 2020


    Oxfordshire County Council informed us this week they are considering extending the testing programme to shared supported living services in their county, a welcomed piece of news. Quite what that will mean we aren’t sure yet; either a one off test for staff or access to regular testing. I hope to have more information next week.

    Despite increasing transmission rates all around us, incredibly we have no new covid cases amongst our frontline staff or people we support this week. Furthermore I am most delighted to share with you that both Dr Sally Powis and Estelle Christmas, who have recently had Covid-19, are recovering well and are almost back to full health. It is a fearful time when someone receives that positive test result and it can affect some people badly, but it is important to remember that for the vast majority of people Covid-19 is not life threatening.

    Finally, I would like to welcome Tarun Chotai to the team this week. Tarun joins us as Interim Head of Finance as Stephen Bell leaves Autism at Kingwood early next month. Being Financially Fit has never been so important, as the charitable and social care sector is being squeezed beyond the point ever thought imaginable. With that in mind we will advertise next week for the vacancy of Chief Financial Officer. We will be seeking a senior and highly skilled financial professional to join the senior team as we keep up the good work.



    Abi Cowley

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