• CEO Update 16th October 2020


    If you haven’t already signed up to our campaign for #BetterPay4SocialCare and its accompanying petition then please do stop reading and sign now https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/betterpay4socialcare

    Thank you.

    The coronavirus outbreak has raised public awareness of the importance of all social care workers in keeping this country going and, with that window of opportunity, Autism at Kingwood wants to call upon Government to review the funding provided to enable us, and other providers, to recognise our appreciation through Better Pay.

    So now that you have signed it, please share the message with your friends and your family and ask that they share with their friends and families also. This affects everyone who does, or might one day, need social care support.

    You may recall earlier in the year I shared our frustration that Government didn’t understand its own regulatory approach for social care and persistently made funding and testing available to CQC Registered Care Homes, which failed to reach all those providing care and support through the Supported Living model. The balance has been slow to redress but last week I shared the hopeful news that Infection Control Payments are being made, and whilst the details are still yet to follow, early indications are that registered CQC Domiciliary Care Providers (such as Autism at Kingwood) will receive some assistance. This week there was further good news that all those working in social care will be eligible for antibody testing. Whilst there remains a great deal of discussion around the helpfulness of such a test, it will be reassuring for those who have anxiety or unanswered questions about instances of poor health over the previous weeks.

    We recently conducted a survey of our staff asking for feedback on how people thought we had responded to the coronavirus outbreak so far. More than 95% of those who took part said they had confidence in how Kingwood had managed and responded to the situation, and 95% also said they thought the charity has made the right decisions and they felt safe in their roles. That was hugely encouraging as we were all fighting a situation never experienced before. We will repeat the survey again towards the end of the year.

    And finally, another positive week with no new cases amongst people we support or staff. Long may this continue…

    Yours sincerely,


    Abi Cowley

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