• CEO Update 10th July 2020


    We were delighted this week to welcome a new member of staff to the Autism at Kingwood team. Caroline Powell has joined us as our Gardening Coordinator and will be taking on responsibility for our allotment in Henley. We are grateful for the support which has secured this post for  three years.  There is more about gardening project here.

    From physical viruses to cyber-attacks: Despite Autism at Kingwood taking precautions including cloud mail filtering, single factor authentication and Sophos security software on every machine, our Chief Operating Officer, Estelle Christmas, was the unfortunate recipient of a cyber-attack and this last week has seen us dealing with the aftermath of a hacked account.  My sincere apologies to anyone who received an email from Estelle that looked suspicious or didn’t make sense. We don’t believe there is anything nasty (i.e. malware or ransomware) contained within the email instead it’s purpose was to impersonate Estelle and request payments for fake invoices. In order to achieve maximum protection we have closed that account and Estelle has new one.

    Finally, we unfortunately end this week waiting for the test results for someone we support who began to display symptoms that might correspond with Covid-19. We remained realistic that whilst the transmission risk for the coronavirus has reduced, it hadn’t gone away and unfortunately this reinforces why we must all continue not only to follow government guidelines, but to be as sensible as possible. We have no new cases amongst our employees.

    Best wishes.

    Kate Allen, CEO

    Abi Cowley

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