• BetterPay4SocialCare

    We are calling on the Government to ensure all social care workers are guaranteed better pay. They deserve more.

    Please sign the petition here. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/betterpay4socialcare

    Please share the petition and #BetterPay4SocialCare to your contacts.

    Covid-19 has revealed just how much we rely on our nation’s social care workers and the risks that they take to do their job. As heartening as it is that the Government recognised social care workers as key workers, they deserve more pay. Few get above the national living wage.

    We call on Government to ensure social care workers are paid a minimum of the Real Living Wage of £9.30 per hour (£10.75 in London).

    The Scottish Government has recently worked with local government to seal a deal where all social care key workers now receive the Real Living Wage. We want this to be implemented throughout the UK.

    The salary that social care workers receive is determined by an hourly rate that local authorities give the care providers. This calculation  illustrates that it is not enough to pay the Real Living Wage and provide the quality of compassionate and safe support that people receiving care deserve.

    The UK Homecare Association calculated  this year that the minimum hourly price to effectively cover the costs of social care should be £20.69. Read report.

    Email your MP and ask them to support our cause. Use this template, but you can personalise it to tell your story – heartfelt emails work best. Explain why social care workers deserve better.  Click this link to find out who your MP is and their email address.  Or you can ask for a meeting with your them to discuss this issue.

    Read and share this poem by a care worker  I’m a Key Worker Now’


    Philippa Stannard

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