• Autism Practice Manager, Eleri Booth, gives a review of our Autism Practice


    We employ a small Autism Practice Team to provide added specialist support to both the people we support and our staff.

    This includes two Autism Support Practitioners, who join a supported living team when a need is identified, to provide enhanced, specialist support and assessment. The aim of this role is to share experience and knowledge through practice-based support, ensuring we provide the very best level of care to the people we support.  Although we consider and train all our staff to be autism specialists, this fresh, expert input can really help the support workers in that service to consider alternative approaches and find positive solutions.  In the last 12 months, our Autism Support Practitioners have worked in 15 different services, supporting 29 people receiving support from Autism at Kingwood and their staff teams.

    We also employ two Autism Practice Specialists (ASP), who deliver training, support and advice to our frontline support workers and services. Over the last 12 months, our specialists have provided this support to 26 different services and teams, in addition to a great number more of individuals we support over the year.

    One key piece of training the team deliver is Proact SCIPr (Positive Range of Options to Avoid Crisis and use Therapy). Proact SCIPr is a values-based approach with an emphasis on being proactive – getting it right for the person, rather than being reactive or responding to an episode of challenging behaviour. The aim is to raise the person’s self-esteem, improve quality of life, empower them and enable them to live a more independent and fulfilling lifestyle.

    Over the past 12 months the Autism Practice Team have delivered Proact SCIPr training to over 200 staff members via zoom, as well as refresher training for staff teams. We have also delivered service specific support and face-to-face training for priority services.

    As Covid-19 became the pandemic it is and lockdown restrictions came into force, we have adjusted our approach, ensuring we are able to continue to support people whilst minimising risk. The decision was taken that the Autism Support Practitioners would continue their work in services, but myself and the Autism Practice Specialists would, where appropriate, provide virtual support, advice, training and resources. This has worked well, but we are looking forward to resuming face-to-face visits when lockdown measures and the safety of the people we support allows.

    I personally would like to thank the Autism Practice team for their hard work during this complicated time, focusing on quality and improvement for the lives of the people we support.

    I am also very pleased to say that this week we have had no new cases of Covid-19 amongst people we support or staff. Our well wishes continue to be with our one member of staff who is still recouperating in hospital.

    Best wishes,


    Autism Practice Manager

    Abi Cowley

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