• Autism at Kingwood, COO update, 4th December


    Throughout this pandemic, many businesses both nationally and locally have had to intermittently close their doors, furlough their staff and wait for the Government to give them the go ahead to reopen.

    December 2nd saw us moving into a three tier approach across the country and whilst there are ongoing restrictions, many people will welcome the increase in their freedom and mobility. The social care profession is one of the few exceptions, along with other priority services such as our supermarkets, the police, the fire service and the NHS, that has had to keep its doors open no matter what.

    Without the availability of social care and its many committed staff, services would have failed, more lives would have been lost and the country would have found itself in a much darker place than we can ever have imagined.

    It’s through our social care employees that we are able to help keep people safe and well, it is through our social care employees that we are able to do what it takes to help people through the difficult and challenging times that they are faced with.

    But what about our social care employees themselves? Those whose resilience and tenacity is tested to the nth degree, those who daily confront the dangers of COVID-19 head on and those who doggedly keep life running as smoothly as possible for people in their care.

    Consideration needs to be afforded to these folk who do all of this and more, for very little by way of financial reward, because they care and want what is best for people. In turn, we as a society need to ensure we show that we care and want what is best for them.

    The Government has launched its, “Staying mentally well this winter” policy paper, stating, “Good wellbeing and mental health are essential assets for individuals, communities and society. They can help each one of us to live fulfilled, productive and mentally healthy lives”. It is critical that our social care employees are supported to stay mentally well and given the appropriate support when experiencing difficulties. These amazing people are the mainstay of social care.

    Equally it is important that we continue to campaign and fight on their behalf for better pay, as financial wellbeing is also a contributing factor to mental wellbeing. With this in mind, please continue in supporting the #betterpay4socialcare campaign and help us get a better deal for those that keep this country going.


    Abi Cowley

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