Our Vision, Mission and Objectives

Quite simply, our vision is ‘a world that embraces autism’

Our mission is ‘to enable each person we support to develop greater independence, discover their potential and enjoy a better quality of life’.

Our 2019-2022 strategy focuses on 5 core objectives, which we believe will help us achieve our vision and mission:

  • Expert support  We will continue to deliver high quality service provision that meets the changing needs of people we support and is Safe, Caring, Responsive, Effective and Well-Led. Embedding the Kingwood Approach model of support with consideration to emerging best practice within the sector
  • Financially fit  We will continue to be economically viable with a forecast for on-going financial stability
  • Reputation and reach   We will strengthen further our reputation, develop the range of services and widen our geographical spread
  • Opportunities for people we support  We will develop a wider range of meaningful development and leisure opportunities and activities, including employment
  • Inform and influence  We will raise awareness of autism and contribute to the evidence base seeking to improve the quality of life for autistic people

Follow the link to view the Autism at Kingwood 2019-22 strategy