We are blessed to have Kate Allen and all the wonderful staff at Kingwood, helping our lovely Zoe. We are forever grateful.

A huge thanks to all at Kingwood for their care, kindness and support for  my brother John for nearly 20 years and especially in the last 10 months of his life.

I have worked for Autism at Kingwood for 6 years, and having worked in this sector for over 12 years, I can honestly say it’s one of the best organisations out there. It’s very person-centred and supports people with a range of needs successfully and with great results.


I have worked for Autism at Kingwood over the four years. I am moved at the love they have for their service users and staff. We are one large family doing little things in a great way. It is the right place to practice your love and compassion.

Having the support from Kingwood is like having an extended family to help and keep you going through the good and sometimes more difficult times. The staff are an amazing group of people, kind and thoughtful. They have certainly transformed both mine and my daughter’s quality of life and we are very lucky to have found them.

Our daughter, Sarah, who has autism and is non-verbal, has been supported by Kingwood for three years. It was a wrench for us when she moved out, but it was the best thing for her and we are proud of the progress she has made and the life she has built with Kingwood’s help. She always makes it clear now when we see her that Kingwood is her home and we have been impressed by the care and support she receives.


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