Our Commitment to Parents and Families

We always strive to consider the challenges that parents and relatives of autistic people face.

We understand the difficulties a parent faces finding suitable education and post-education services for a young autistic person.¬† We understand that those challenges and concern don’t go away as their child grows older, that many parents face a constant, exasperating struggle to ensure their loved one is able to get the right support as an adult. We understand how hard it is to rely on other people to care and support your adult child when they are so vulnerable.

Autism at Kingwood helps autistic people and people with Asperger Syndrome to live the lives they choose. We believe that autistic people can, like all of us, continue to develop and grow, make choices and be valued, be active and contributing members of the community. That’s why our services are tailored to meet individual needs and are built around supporting people to live enjoyable, purposeful lives with a greater degree of independence in their own homes, within the communities in which they live.

The people we support and their families are at the heart of everything we do. By working in partnership with families, we seek to meet the needs and aspirations of person we support, whilst understanding their anxieties and developing ways to minimise the challenges they face.

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