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Our Quality Assurance

As a professional it’s essential that you have complete confidence in the quality of the services we provide.  Quality Assurance is reviewed on an ongoing basis and we welcome any contributions you may wish to make to this process. A copy of our Quality Assurance policy may be read in a downloadable format here.

Service standards

Kingwood believes that it can only do its work successfully if it values:

  • Choice for the people it supports and encourages self direction and independence.
  • Builds strong relationships and trust between the staff and those it supports.
  • Recognises the individual and their unique needs.
  • Provides opportunity.
  • Promotes a sense of self worth.
  • Promotes enjoyment and achievement.

In order to achieve the above Kingwood makes a commitment to the people it supports as follows:

  • To do our very best to do what we say we will do.
  • Give you the support that is written into your support plan.
  • Make sure you are involved in any decisions about your support.
  • Help you to make your life enjoyable and fulfilling.
  • Give you advice about being healthy and safe.
  • Help you to tell us what you think of our service.
  • Make sure you can complain if you are not happy.
  • Make sure your support workers are trained and supervised to do their job.
  • Make sure your support workers treat you and your home with respect and support you to keep it clean and well maintained.
  • Try to make sure the same support workers support you.
  • Have the right insurance for the work we do.

Further information about the service we provide and the standards adhered to can be found in our User Guide. We also maintain a set of rules for support staff which were developed with assistance from some of the people we support: Rules for Support Workers

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