You are more than just a support worker

Estelle Christmas

‘Frontline support workers are dedicated and caring people who are most likely to know the individual they are supporting better than many others who are involved in their lives, yet time and time again I have heard committed support workers explaining away and down playing their professionalism by saying “But I’m just a support worker”.

‘Many support workers underestimate their impact on people’s lives and how much knowledge and expertise they have accumulated. The support worker profession is not in many cases afforded the respect and professionalism that it deserves, let alone appropriate remuneration for what can be a challenging but highly rewarding career.

‘I was speaking to a parent, who had heard the same thing being said by her son’s key worker, and she felt passionately that support workers mustn’t underestimate their importance to the person they are supporting. In her words – ‘to my son, his support worker is the world!’

‘For this reason we wanted to take the time to reflect on what being a support worker really means. There is no such thing as ‘Just a support worker.’ Our support workers are brilliant professionals, who help autistic people to find their place in a world where, without them, they would struggle to get by.’

To all support staff out there – you are more than just a support worker!’

Estelle Christmas, Chief Operating Officer, Autism at Kingwood

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