Parents and Families of those we support

We understand the difficulties a parent faces finding suitable education and post-education services for a young autistic person.  We understand that those challenges and concern don’t go away as their child grows older, that many parents face a constant, exasperating struggle to ensure their loved one is able to get the right support as an adult. We understand how hard it is to rely on other people to care and support your adult child when they are so vulnerable.

The people we support and their families are at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to working in partnership with parents and family members.

Autism at Kingwood helps autistic people and people with Asperger Syndrome to live the lives they choose. We believe that autistic people can, like all of us, continue to develop and grow, make choices and be valued, be active and contributing members of the community. By fostering a partnership with families, we feel we can gain the best outcome – we truly want to help parents and families in their journey with their loved one who we support.

We include families in our consultations for fundraising projects, which has recently led to the fundraised post of Gardening Coordinator and the purchase of a holiday home.

Setting up a Trust for your autistic child

We have recently held a family seminar on setting up a Trust for their autistic children. This is an area of worry and confusion for many families, and we have teamed up with local company Heritage Estate Planning who will provide free advice and 20% discount for Kingwood families who choose to use the service.

Please follow this link for our brochure: Trusts and Wills Guide Autism at Kingwood

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