Since the beginning of 2020, Autism at Kingwood has been closely monitoring the position around the outbreak and spread of the Covid-19. The health and well-being of people we support and our employees has been of paramount importance throughout the pandemic.

We continue to adhere to government guidance and the published coronavirus action plan that sets out what the health and social care system should do across the UK.  Prior to the virus outbreak in the UK, we had already created and distributed its own preparation plan to all managers across the organisation with guidance on how we will respond should the virus have an impact on the people we support and/or our staff teams. As a diligent support provider Autism at Kingwood is always vigilant around infection control and has thorough policies and procedures successfully implemented. We were able to source adequate PPE in a timely manner and ensured all staff adhered to PPE and hand-washing advice and guidelines.

We initiated our business continuity plan swiftly so that infrastructure staff began working successfully remotely. We moved almost all our training to e-learning to minimise social contact, although critical training such as that around working directly with people in difficult situations has to face-to-face with additional enhanced infection control measures to protect attendees.

To ensure that our teams can continue to stay fully informed and in touch with each other we have created additional methods for employees to remain in contact with each other and their managers.

We already have in place an external, confidential employee well-being scheme and we have promoted use of this during the pandemic.

We have put together information and support resources for autistic people, staff and families. Click here to access.

Covid-19 Stay Home Save Lives
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