#BetterPay4SocialCare graphicWe call on Government to ensure all social care workers receive more pay.

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The pandemic has shown just how much we rely on our nation’s 1.52m care workers and the risks they take to do their job. But care workers aren’t given the rate of pay that they deserve to fulfil their role to the people they support and to society.

We call on Government to increase funding to local authorities to pass on to social care providers, so we can pay our care workers a minimum of the Real Living Wage – £9.50 per hour (£10.85 in London).

A recent study found that social care workers are shockingly underpaid:

The salary care workers receive is determined by an hourly rate that local authorities pay social care providers. For care provider charities like us, the calculation below illustrates that it is not enough for us to pay the Real Living Wage.

What can you do to support our care workers?

Sign and share the petition – click hereRahab and Vicky take me to Aqua Aerobics

Email your MP now and ask them to support our cause. Use this template, but you can personalise it to tell your story – heartfelt emails work best. Explain why social care workers deserve better.  Click this link to find out who your MP is and their email address.  Or you can ask for a meeting with them to discuss this issue.

Read and share our stories featuring our front-line care workers –  Dina       Adam    Beth   They love their job but struggle on their pay.

Read this poem by a social care worker  ‘I’m a Key Worker Now’



More information, reports and resources

Autism at Kingwood is part of the #BetterPay4SocialCare group of social care organisations, campaigning Government to increase funding to that all social care workers receive a minimum of the Real Living Wage.

October 2021 The King’s Fund The value of investing in social care

October 2021 NHS Adult Social Care Activity and Finance Report, England – 2020-21

July 2021 Social Care Leaders vision for a workforce strategy

July 2021 #BetterPay4SocialCare member Community Integrated Care report on pay – Unfair to Care

18 March 2021. Parliamentary debate on ‘The Future of Social Care’  Watch here.

February 2021. The Government produced a long-awaited White Paper on NHS and Social Care Reform, with little mention of social care. Read here.

February 2021. Open University ‘The Path Forward for Social Care’ ‘Unsurprisingly, many respondents (40%) noted the importance of a sustainable funding settlement for social care from central government, without which most experts agree the sector’s systemic problems will remain unresolved.’

January 2021. The Government respond to the All Party Health and Social Care Committee report of October 2020. Read here.

October 2020.  The cross party Health & Social Care Committee report: ‘Social care: funding and workforce‘, calculated that the Government needs to invest £7.9bn into social care, and urges the Government to ensure care workers are paid the real living wage.

October 2020. Skills for Care report: The State of the Adult Social Care Sector. Read here.

2020 The Health Foundation – The Social Care Funding Gap

2020. Social Care Institute for Excellence: Recommendations for the Future of Social Care Reform

2019/2020. CQC (Care Quality Commission) report: The State of Health Care and Adult Social Care in England

2020. Local Government Association: Adult Social Care  – Seven Principles for  Reform

The UK Homecare Association calculates that, in 2020/21 the minimum hourly price to effectively cover the costs of social care should be £20.69. Read report.

The Real Living Wage is calculated by the  Real Living Wage Foundation, as the minimum hourly rate is people need to live on.

The Fawcett Society published research and found that the majority of the public agree that social care workers are undervalued and they support higher pay for care workers.

Kate Allen, Autism at Kingwood Chief Executive says:

“We are used to working within extreme financial constraints, and are experts in efficiencies and doing more for less. However, years of responding to austerity measures whilst continuing to not only meet needs but drive up quality, have resulted in unacceptably low starting salaries for our front-line support workers. I am not prepared to go on accepting the minimum wage for the important and skilled work our support workers do.

The Better Pay 4 Social Care campaign is a national sector fight for support and care workers in social care. With 28 organisations coming together to call for change, we are raising the profile of a situation that needs to change. We need every person across the country to join the fight – to sign the petition. Every one of us will be affected somehow and someway with social care. Every one of us can make a difference”

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