• A message to families of those we support from Kate Allen, Chief Executive

    Please help us keep our staff and your loved ones safe

    Dear Families, Relatives & Friends

    Autism at Kingwood takes the health, safety and well-being of its staff and the people we support very seriously and now more than ever we need your help.

    We are in unprecedented times and are wanting to do all that we can to protect your relatives or friends. To do that we need to also protect our workforce as they are critical key workers. The commitment, loyalty and support they are displaying right now deserves all of our efforts to minimise risks to them and their families.

    We appreciate that your visits to your relative are important, however given the Government directive on how we can keep people safe we would welcome you working alongside us to do this. Wherever possible we ask that physical contact with families during this period is limited to an absolute minimum and that consideration is given to alternatives methods such as phone, Skype and Whatsapp etc.

    Our staff will sensitively support your relative to manage any anxieties around these changes and actively seek alternative ways in which they can stay in contact.

    Should you choose to continue with your visits despite the Government warning, please be aware that this will seriously compromise our ability to provide adequate cover should our staff either become unwell or become anxious and cancel their shifts due to the additional exposure of risk.

    The Government advice is clear: “all those who can should stay at home and only go outside for food, health reasons or work”. Any social contact for reasons other than above is banned and those breaching the ban may face legal and financial recourse. For us, it may mean that we do not have sufficient staff to continue supporting vulnerable people.

    Please help us to help your relative.

    Thank you.

    Kate Allen

    Philippa Stannard

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