• Estelle Christmas, COO Update 26th June 2020



    Autism at Kingwood continues its successful battle against COVID-19; to date we have had no further outbreaks, for which we are very relieved.

    As ever we are vigilant and mindful of our stance in protecting ourselves and others. We remain truly grateful to all our stakeholders who have helped us in ensuring our compliance and respectfully working alongside us to maintain standards.

    Whilst it is a sorry indictment that many charities are falling by the wayside due to financial pressures, we are appreciative that in the current climate we remain financially robust and structurally strong, giving confidence and stability to all who are supported by us, and work and collaborate with us.

    Meanwhile, despite ongoing challenges, Kingwood progresses its commitment to reaching out to autistic adults and going where there is a need identified. We have recently embarked on an exciting initiative with Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group, in the facilitation of Individual Service Funds (ISFs).

    Individual Service Funds are an excellent way of working alongside someone who needs support and their family/representatives, planning with them supportive and engaging arrangements that they have chosen, which will positively impact their daily lives.

    Our work in Wiltshire has commenced; our aim is to facilitate ISF arrangements for individuals whose lives may have been blighted by the system, who may have spent overly long periods of time in hospital away from their families, or whose “challenging” reputations have gone before them making it difficult for effective care and support to be sourced.

    The creative and empowering aspect of an ISF means that individuals have a real say in who supports them and if they so wish, can choose their loved ones or close friends to do this. Having people who love and care for them and who have their best interest at heart helps enormously to secure great outcomes and enhance the life experience of the individual.

    We continue to be proud of our ability to reach out to some of the most marginalised and vulnerable people of our society and take immense pride in the commitment and dedication of our workforce in paving the way for this to happen.


    Abi Cowley

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