Kingwood assists people with learning disabilities to live independently
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One of Kingwoods main goals is to improve the lives of the people we support, this goes beyond just providing support for someone; we want to help them achieve their full potential. Kingwood does this through research and collaborating with other providers to give opportunities to the people we support that they would not normally have. Kingwood also disseminates what we have learnt through these projects to other professionals and organisations who work with people with Autism and Aspergers.

Kingwood has to fundraise for these projects and activities. Here is a current list of the projects we are working on. If you have a project in mind that we are not currently fundraising for please give us a call and we can discuss any potential project.

  • Activity Groups for people we support
  • Dogs for Good and their work with the people we support
  • Continued design work with the Royal College of Art
  • Funding for Year 4 and beyond for the ASPirations project
  • Life Skills training for the People We Support
  • Job training through the Kingwood Ebay workshops
  • Providing holidays for people we support who would not normally be able to afford one
  • Sensory equipment for the people we support

You can find out more about the individual programmes here.