Photos and Videos

Kingwood has a collection of pictures available to view in our photo album. The pictures in the album are a selection chosen from various events and activities held by Kingwood for the people we support, their families and our staff. To view the pictures please click on the pictures below.

If you are interested in ordering a copy of any picture seen then please contact Liz Sandith for further discussions.  A small fee will be charged to cover the costs of printing.  You can contact Liz on 0118 9310143 or email her here.

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From time to time Kingwood produces short videos of the people we support. These videos can be of various forms such as documentary productions and highlights of meetings held. Video production allows the service user to partake an activity that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to do and to allow their voice to be heard.  It also allows outsiders to have a glimpse of what happens in their life.

Below is collection of some of the videos that have been produced.

Kingwood Activities

Meet some of the people we support as they take part in activities organised by Kingwood.

People we support

A quick look at some of the video profiles being made for people supported by Kingwood.