Our Trustees and Patrons


Lady Sonia Hornby

Lady Hornby has been Chairman of The Kingwood Trust since 1999, during this time the trust has grown from supporting 10 people to supporting over 100 in 2016.

Lady Hornby sits on the sub-committees for Human Resources, Finance and Development, and Risk and Care Practices.

Vice Chairman

Sandra Meadows

Sandra has been a trustee since 1999. She is a director for a successful recruitment company in London. Sandra chairs the Human Resources sub-committee


Gerry Bacon

Gerry has been a trustee for Kingwood since 2007. Gerry was a group treasurer for Vodafone but has since retired and gone back to university to study part time. Gerry is chair of the Finance and Development sub-committee.

Rob Jonkheer

Rob has been with Kingwood since 2005. He is a solicitor for a large firm. Rob is chair of the Risk and Care Practices sub-committee.

Dr Robert Hubbard OBE

Robert has been a trustee of Kingwood since 2004. A former headmaster of Priors Court School he has considerable knowledge of Autism and best practices in care. Robert is on the Risk and Care sub-committee.

Chris White

Chris joined Kingwood in 2009. He comes to Kingwood from a commercial background as a director of Fiddes Payne. Chris is on the Finance and Development sub-committee.