• CEO Update 28th August 2020


    As a further week goes past with no new Covid-19 cases within either people we support or staff, we find ourselves fast approaching the end of Summer. Incredibly 12 months have passed since our 25th Anniversary Celebration whereby Lady Hornby stepped down from her longstanding role as Chairman and handed the baton to Sandra Meadows, Vice Chairman, whilst Autism at Kingwood commenced a comprehensive recruitment campaign to seek a suitable Chairman for the next chapter in Kingwood’s life.

    I am delighted to share with you that a successful appointment has been made. John was appointed Chair Elect in August 2020 and will be formally voted onto the Board in September.  He has had held executive roles in the telecommunications and satellite industry and John is currently CEO and Founder of one of the fastest growing satellite companies in the UK based in Reading. John is really looking forward to supporting Autism at Kingwood and meeting everyone at some point in the future, when social distancing is relaxed.

    Time is flying along and whilst we don’t want to wish the rest of this year away, and cannot forget that Covid-19 remains a risk that we must protect ourselves and each other against, there is much to look forward to as we continue with our daily lives. With so much anxiety around it is important to keep a balance and focus on the positive aspects of the future as well as the challenges many people are still facing.

    Finally, I have spoken many times throughout the year about my personal and professional frustration that social care support/key workers have been undervalued for too long and that the coronavirus pandemic has at least raised this to the forefront of everyone’s minds. We want to keep raising that profile and in the weeks ahead we will be sharing our plans on how Autism at Kingwood can do that; with and for our key workers. We must create a positive legacy of social care.

    Kate Allen, CEO

    Abi Cowley

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