• Autism at Kingwood responds to data security breach

    Kingwood takes data security seriously, however scammers are getting smarter and more targeted to compete with our systems. A phishing scam affected Kingwood in late June, as a member of our Seniour Leadership Team had their email compromised.  Emails were sent out, some asking for invoices to be paid and some asking others to listen to a voicemail. Kingwood locked down the account, but a brute force attack on that user account continued to hamper Kingwoods recovery. An investigation into the matter was conducted and a review of our systems took place.

    We do not think that personal details of the people we support or their families were read from the email account, but Kingwood is cautious and contacted the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) straight away, the matter is now closed with them, however if anyone wishes to raise issue with how Kingwood have handled their data in relation to this attack then we welcome you to contact us dataprotection@kingwood.org.uk. We will then review the data that may have been accessed about you and report to you and the ICO accordingly.

    Kingwood systems are under constant review and additional measures to protect and evaluate Kingwoods data are in progress.

    Abi Cowley

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