• CEO update 4th September 2020


    As we commence autumn and winter approaches, we are really keen to encourage as many people as possible to protect themselves and each other through the annual flu vaccination. Pharmacies including Lloyds and Boots will be launching their programmes from 14th and 29th September respectively. All those working with vulnerable people or sharing a household with someone on the shielding list are eligible for the free vaccination, along with a number of others with certain health conditions. However, even if you are not eligible at £13.99 it really is such a sensible precaution this year.


    Book flu vaccination with Boots

    Book flu vaccination with Lloyds chemist

    Two people we support in Berkshire self-isolated for a short period this week whilst they were tested for Covid-19 after displaying cold like symptoms; we were fortunate to hear yesterday that their test results were negative. Oxfordshire continues to be all clear for a further week.

    Finally, we have continued to receive feedback that updates are helpful and welcome, particularly the weekly data on our position with Covid-19 for people we support and staff. Therefore, although our updates are shorter than earlier in the year, we will continue to keep you informed.

    Best wishes.


    Abi Cowley

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