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Job vacancies

We have vacancies for support workers and bank staff across Oxfordshire, West Bucks and Berks
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Autism at Kingwood Gender Pay Gap Report

See the report here.
Care Quality Commission Inspection

We are pleased to share with you our 2018 CQC Inspection report for which we are tremendously proud of.

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Sensory profiling cards

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Autism at Kingwood are currently recruiting for a Clinical/counselling psychologist.

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3 New Services from Autism at Kingwood!

Oxfordshire Adult Autism Diagnostic Service (OAADS)

How to request a referral for an autism diagnostic assessment

Support Service for adults living in Oxfordshire (Aspiration)

Develop and maintain skills, confidence, independence and reach potential.

Information, advice and resources for anyone with autism

Links to support locally and nationally after receiving an adult autism diagnosis.
Kate Allen

Chief Executive

Autism at Kingwood Objectives

  • To deliver high quality service provision that meets the changing needs of people we support and is Safe, Caring, Responsive, Effective and Well-Led. Embedding the Kingwood Approach model of support with consideration to emerging best practice within the sector.
  • To be economically viable with a forecast for on-going financial stability.
  • To strengthen further our reputation and widen the geographical area of service provision.
  • To develop a wider range of meaningful development and leisure activities, including employment, through fundraising and the research and development fund; offering opportunities to people we support.
  • To increase the provision of housing and accommodation options to meet the needs of autistic people , and to further the broader objectives of the organisation.
  • To contribute to the evidence base and National policy about support for autistic people.

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A young man we support says…


“I like to be happy and I really enjoy laughing. I do that a lot with different staff at where I live.

The staff are encouraging me to be more assertive and I am really happy about that.”